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TwinCATS Non-Motorized Transportation Planning

walk and roll logoIn 2011 TwinCATS Policy Committee adopted a comprehensive Non-motorized Transportation Plan, which supports the assumption that strong pedestrian and bicycle facilities create a community that is physically active, accessible, and exceedingly livable.  Below is a brief overview of the planning process to date with supporting documents.


Planning Process To Date


Walk and Roll subcommittee was established by the Twin Cities Area Transportation Study.

2010 Walk and Roll non-motorized plan development
2011 TwinCATS Walk and Roll Plan was amended into the into the TwinCATS 2009-2035 Long Range Transportation Plan.

Complete Streets Policy adopted by TwinCATS Policy Commitee

Walk and Roll Plan Overview Online Presentation 


Top ten priority road segments developed and the TwinCATS Walk and Roll Plan integrated into the 2013-2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. As requested by committees, SWMPC staff analyzes Complete Streets Policy for compatibility with Long Range Plan and TIP Projects.


The TwinCATS Policy Committee approved a revised version of the TwinCATS Complete Streets Policy on March 17. Check out this nifty handout of frequently asked questions regarding the policy!

Community Prioritizations from 2010-2011

The PDF links below contain segments prioritized by officials from each TwinCATS community based on their expertise and public feedback in 2010-2011. Each packet contains: 

  • A map of road segments in each jurisdiction.
  • Tables with data about each of the segments as of 2010-2011. Segments designated for special attention are highlighted.
  • Notes of SWMPC's meetings with officials in each community regarding non-motorized priorities.

City of Benton Harbor Packet

Benton Township Packet

City of Bridgman Packet

Lake Township Packet

Lincoln Township Packet

Royalton Township Packet

Sodus Township Packet

City of St. Joseph Packet

St. Joseph Township Packet

Village of Shoreham Packet

Village of Stevensville downloads/st_2.pdf Packet


Please note: There is no record of a specific meeting with the Village of Stevensville regarding non-motorized planning, so all that is presented are the map and data about the segments prioritized by the community. Also, there is no packet for Hagar Township because the Township was not eligible to be a TwinCATS member back when the Walk and Roll plan was developed.

These are segments prioritized by the communities themselves. For a full list of prioritized segments as determined by the MPO as a whole, please see the full Walk and Roll plan.


Community Data Tools

Each of these reports includes road segment data on the following: Road Condition, Surface Type, Car Crash Data, Bike and Pedestrian Crash Data, Posted Speed,


Top Ten Priority Segments for Non-Motorized Planning


If you would like information about becoming involved with the Walk & Roll Committee or would like to learn more about this plan contact Brandon Kovnat at bkovnat@swmpc.org or call 269-925-1137 x 1524

This page last updated on 4/4/2020.
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