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Information Requests

The SWMPC collects, analyzes, and interprets large amounts of information about the region to inform its many planning activities. When residents, representatives of the public and private sector, and local governments are in need of data to inform their own planning processes, the SWMPC is happy to access its databases, file cabinets, servers, reports, and staff knowledge to meet those needs.


Examples of past requests have included:

  • Regional workforce demographics
  • Population growth in certain areas
  • Descriptions of residents within certain cities 


Responses from the SWMPC may include:

  • Discussion with an SWMPC staff member
  • Referral to a current SWMPC report, analysis, map, or project
  • Referral to a non-SWMPC resource (report, department, or person)
  • Referral to a local, state or national data source (i.e. U.S. Census)
  • Creation of a new memorandum or brief

Please contact  John Egelhaaf 269.925.1137 ex. 1512) with any requests for information you may have, or questions about this service.



Online Resources: Regional, State and National

Many resources exist online. Some that the SWMPC commonly use include:


The Google Public Data Explorer, currently in beta form, allows users to create custom charts and tables, comparing a wide range of data sets across geographies. Of particular interest:







This page last updated on 8/4/2020.
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