Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Planning

2014 A Plan For Public Transit in Berrien County

We are pleased to present the final draft of the 2014 Plan For Public Transit In Berrien County and are excited by the opportunity it provides to move the public transit discussion forward in Berrien County.

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Kim Gallagher at (269) 925-1137 x1518 or


Click here to view the summary of the kickoff meeting

that was held on June 1st at Michigan Works! Benton Harbor.


Powerpoint Presentation from Kickoff Meeting (pdf)

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Addendum: Questions and Answers regarding RFP (revised)

Bid Opening Results

Minutes - Selection Committee Meeting, February 7, 2011

Minutes - Selection Committee Meeting, February 28, 2011


Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan  

This document was compiled from various stakeholder meetings and interviews.  The document outlines strategies to address transportation gaps and offers guidance for Berrien County's allocation of FTA 5310 (Seniors and People with disabilities), 5316 (JARC) and 5317 (New Freedom) grant funds.


Berrien County Transit Study Forum

The Berrien County Transit Study Forum was held on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor Michigan.  There were over 65 people in attendance representing social service agencies, transit agencies, public transportation providers, government officials and citizens.


Transit-Human Services Transportation Work Group

 A Transit Human Services Transportation Coordination Working Group has been formed to discuss strategies for coordination in Berrien County.  For information on how you can participate, call Kim Gallagher at 269-925-1137 x18.


Berrien County Transit Study

The Berrien County Transit Study was conducted in 2009, with the purpose of understanding the current role of transit in Berrien County.  It addressed the questions:

  • How well are transit needs being fulfilled in Berrien County?
  • Can transit enhance economic growth?
  • How will the need for transit change in the future?
  • Do all of the public transit sisytems in Berrien County work together to meet transportation needs?
  • Do all public transit services operate in the same manner?
  • How does Berrien County rank with other Michigan counties in terms of its investment in transit services?
  • Who uses transit in Berrien County?
  • How well do public transit services in Berrien County perform based on statewide performance indicators?


Mobility Management


Through a Federal Transit Administration 5317 New Freedom grant, the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission contracted with mobility manager who is working on a number of initiatives with human service agencies and transportation providers. Together they are working to ensure that residents of the Benton Harbor – St. Joseph area have transportation options for reaching jobs, medical appointments, and other important destinations.

To find more information about our current initiatives or get involved with our coordinating efforts, please follow this link!