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DRAFT Non Motorized Maps



Draft Non Motorized Maps - Existing Facilities

These maps are being updated to produce a new version of the SW Michigan Road, Trail and Bicycle Guide and to develop an updated SW Michigan Non-Motorized Plan. These maps have the most recent information SWMPC has obtained for on-road and off road non-motorized facilities (4 foot shoulders, bike lanes and shared use paths) and parks.  Please send updates to kmartin@swmpc.org.  


Proposed and Planned Regional and Local Seven County Non Motorized Network Map


Berrien County


Berrien County Non-Motorized Summit


Branch County


Branch County Non-Motorized Summit


Calhoun County


Calhoun County Non-Motorized Summit


Cass County


Cass County Non-Motorized Summit 


Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo County Non-Motorized Summit


St. Joseph County


St. Joseph County Non-Motorized Summit 


Van Buren County


Van Buren County Non Motorized Summit 2019


What is a Non-Motorized Plan?

The purpose of a non-motorized transportation plan varies depending on the scope of the study area.  Non-motorized transportation plans seek to identify non-motorized routes for people to use as an alternative to traditional transportation methods such as driving a car.  Non-motorized routes allow people to get out of their car and bike or walk to jobs, businesses, and community events.

This page last updated on 6/28/2019.
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