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Watersheds, Water Quality & Wetlands

Learn WHAT YOU CAN DO to help protect streams, rivers, lakes
and ultimately Lake Michigan.

Southwest Michigan drains to Lake Michigan. 

Learn more about Lake Michigan here.


The Southwest Michigan Planning Commission is involved in many projects to protect and improve the water quality in southwest Michigan.  However, for that to happen we need every resident, landowner, business owner, and local official to be involved!   Several municipalities have already joined forces to help.  Learn more by clicking on Southwest Michigan Water Partnership (Berrien and Cass NPDES-MS4 Group).


Click on these links to learn more! 


       Video on the Impact of Impervious Cover on Water Quality


This page last updated on 5/10/2019.
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What you can do to help keep the water clean! [Click here to view full size picture]
What you can do to help keep the water clean!

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