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Non-Motorized Transportation Planning

Southwest Michigan Non-Motorized Transportation Plan


Maps from 9 County Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Existing Facilities Map (9 MB)

Regional Priority Map (26MB)

Local Priority Project Map (26MB)

*please note that these map files are large and that some of the placement of icons has not been completed at this point


Bike maps can be ordered from directly from MDOT's Website by clicking here


The Southwest Michigan Planning Commission is working with many communities that are seeking to create non-motorized transportation routes in their community and beyond.  Please visit the Southwest Michigan Regional Trailways Efforts to see what is happening in Southwest Michigan.


What is a Non-Motorized Plan?

Non-motorized transportation plans seek to identify non-motorized routes for people to use as an alternative to traditional transportation methods such as driving a car.  Non-motorized routes allow people to get out of their car and bike or walk to jobs, businesses, and community events.


City of Battle Creek

City of Holland

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