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Napier Corridor Pedestrian and Bicycle Study

The Napier Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan was initiated in 2017 to document the need for pedestrian and bicycle uses, examine options for how to better meet those needs, and develop a design and implementation strategy. 

The Plan addresses the need for non-motorized improvement on Napier Avenue with the purpose of:

  • Addressing gaps in the bike and pedestrian network
  • Promoting safety for all users
  • Meeting residents’ needs
  • Supporting existing and future development
  • Enhancing regional connectivity


If you would like more information about the Napier Corridor Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, contact Kim Gallagher, gallagherk@swmpc.org.


Students on Napier Ave., in front of Fairplain Plaza

Students on Napier Avenue crossing to Fairplain Plaza. 


Student east of Fair Plain Renaissance Middle School

Student along Napier Avenue east of Fair Plain Renaissance Middle School 


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