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Van Buren County Meeting

Van Buren County Rural Task Force: Thursday, December 5, 2019

9:00 AM, Van Buren County Road Commission

Meeting Purpose: To review 2019 projects and to program the remaining 2020 Van Buren County RTF fund balance


Background: The Village of Bloomingdale had a project programed for 2019 for W. Kalamazoo Street for construction in 2020. This project included $251,995 of 2019 Van Buren RTF federal funds and an advance construct (AC) using $269,005 of FY 2020 federal funding. Because the village did not get the project obligated in 2019 the 2020 Advance Construct funding that would have reimbursed the village for their 2019 project is now un-programed.   


Unprogramed federal amount for FY 2020: $279,059

This number includes:

  • $269,005 (the amount that had been programed for The Advance Construct Conversion (ACC) for the 2019 W. Kalamazoo Street project).
  • $10,054 (an increase to the federal allocation for 2020)


In addition, Van Buren County RTF has an estimated $90,401 in State D fund balance. The state D funds unlike federal funds can carryover between years. These funds must be used on an All Season road (link to all season road map). 


Options to program the fund balance

The Village of Bloomingdale has requested to use the remaining federal funds and State D balance to reprogram their W. Kalamazoo Street project for FY 2020 (see attached application). 

Other options per RTF policy:

  • Bring a 2021-2023 project forward
  • Fund a project on the illustrative list (see attached).

If you have any questions about the meeting please contact me at (269) 925-1137 x 1524 or email me at kovnatb@swmpc.org

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