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TwinCities Area Transportation Study

TwinCATS: Monday, January 14, 2019

9:30 AM, Kinexus/Michigan Works
9:30 a.m., Kinexus Service Center 499 W. Main Street Benton Harbor, MI 49022

At the upcoming TwinCATS meeting the committees will be voting on the following items:

  • Amendment to the 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program, including the addition of the US-31 extension
  • Amendment to the 2045 Long Range Transportation plan 
  • A new Air Quality Conformity Analysis Document
  • Road projects for the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program 


All items and material can be found wit hthe attached agenda.

the LRP can bve found at www.swmpc.org/twincats2045.asp

The Air Quality Conformity Document can be found at www.swmpc.org/air_quality.asp


The public is encouraged to attend the TwinCATS meeting to ask questions or give comments. 

Comments or questions can also be sent to:

Brandon Kovnat, SWMPC Associate Planner

(269) 925-1137 x 1524


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