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10-Year Plans to End Homelessness

In response to a national and statewide initiative, all 83 counties in Michigan completed their 10-year plans to end homelessness in October 2006.


The Southwest Michigan Planning Commission assisted Cass County and Van Buren County with the development of their 10-year plans. (see links below)


The overall objectives of both plans are to:


  • End homelessness (chronic and otherwise)
  • Streamline the process of receiving and coordinating services
  • Implement the plan in the most resource-efficient and effective way possible

The Cass County Vision Statement is:


"By 2016, everyone in Cass County will be enabled to live in a safe and decent home."


Cass County 10-Year Plan (.pdf)



The Van Buren County Vision Statement is:


"We envision a future where everyone in Van Buren County is able to access safe, decent, and affordable housing."


Van Buren County 10-Year Plan (.pdf)



As part of the Southwest Michigan Region, Berrien County's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness is also available below.


The Berrien County Vision Statement is:


"The vision  is that every person that is "homeless" and/or family that is homeless in Berrien County will have a safe, affordable home by 2016."


Berrien County 10-Year Plan

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