Public Transit

Public Transit in Southwest Michigan

Transit Providers

There are seven transit providers in Southwest Michigan.  For more information about the agencies and the services they provide visit:


Transit Studies

The role of the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission is to provide planning, outreach, marketing, and technical assistance for the transit providers in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren counties.


Click on the following links to view the transit studies that have been conducted for each county.

Berrien County studies

Cass County studies

Van Buren County studies

Other Transit Projects

Mobility Management 

In 2010, SWMPC contracted with a mobility manager.  Mobility managers provide the connection between community partners and transportation providers. They disseminate information on what transportation services are available, collaborate with workforce development and human service professionals about their customers' and clients' needs, facilitate travel training and orientation for individuals, and feed data on unmet needs into the transportation planning process. They work with community partners to create innovative services, such as those mentioned above.


National Center for Senior Transportation Grant 

In 2008, SWMPC's grant proposal was one of eight selected for funding by the National Center for Senior Transportation (NCST).  The grant funds are being used to purchase web-based software for public transit agencies in southwest Michigan to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and lessen staff time spent on generating reports.  Click here for more information about the project.