Welch-Lackey Recipients

The list that follows presents a history of those who have dedicated themselves to public service and leadership.


1980-Robert Smith and Nancy Clark

1981-Foster Daugherty

1982-Frances Sage

1983-Johnie Rodebush

1984-Robert Smith

1985-Lyle Woodworth

1986-Katherine Willis

1987-June Rollinger

1988-Lois Owicki

1989-David Healy

1990-Donald Gast

1991-John Verbeck

1992-James Brown

1993-Dean Ray

1994-Fred Tobin

1995-Wilbur Ingrham and Naida Coveyeou-Wallace

1996-William Pickett

1997-Larry Clymer

1998-Norma Taylor

1999-Jim Guse

2000-Marge Durm-Hiatt

2001-John Tapper

2002-Johnie Rodebush

2003-Judy Lammers

2004-Don Ryman

2005-James Snow

2006-Victoria Chandler

2007-Linda Preston

2008-In Memoriam John Newcommer

2009-James Sayer

2010-Yemi Akinwale

2012-Dave Foerster and Gloria Payne

2013-Barbara Wood Cook

2014-Dick Stauffer

2015-Jason Auvil

2016-Richard Remus

2018-Leon Laylin

2019-Don Hanson

2020-Teri Freehling 

2021 - Roseann Marchetti