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Tips For All Trail Users

We all want to have a fun and memorable time when we are outdoors.  These easy trail tips will allow everyone to enjoy their time on the trail.


1. Be Quiet.  Echos, and having a good time is all fun, but keep conversations quiet and enjoy the lack of horns, engines, and everyday noises.  There is such a things as noise pollution.


2. Take a Picture.  A pretty rock or a bunch of flowers deserve to remain where they are.  We have a need for mementos of our adverntures, but picture in your mind what the place would look like if the gorup before you had taken what you are about to put in your pocket.


3. Trail Users Going Uphill.  Going uphill is hard work and should be given the right of way over those coming downhill.  Sometimes uphill trail users will prefer to stop and let you pass coming down so that they can get a short break.  The uphill trail user should get to make the call.

4. Yield to Horses.  All trail users should move for equestrian riders.


5. Private Property.  Respect private property and those that are along the trail, we can use the trail while respecting the rights of others.


6. Clothing/Gear.  Be sure to wear proper shoes, helmets, and protective gear where necessary.


7. Litter/Trash.  Leave the trail as you found it, free of pet waste, free of trash and only leave your footprints.


8. Other Users of the Trail.  You will encounter various people along different trails, be courteous and ask them how you should manuever around them.


9. Plan Your Trip.  Plan your trip to allow for extra time if you should encounter an obstacle.  Make sure you have given yourself enough time to be off the trail at night, when most trails close.


10. Drugs/Alcohol.  Never paddle, bike, hike or ride your horse while intoxicated or using drugs.

This page last updated on 4/3/2009.
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