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Trail Safety

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Trails and Parks can lead to adventure and memorable moments, but a degree of caution is also a good way to ensure a fun experience.  These simple trail precautions will ensure that you have a great trail adventure.


  • Trails and Trail Facilities-Trails and facilities are generally very safe.  However, you are entering an environment where there are some naturally occurring hazards.  Reasonable caution and common sense should be utilized when venturing into any outdoor enviornment.  Your safety is your responsibility!
  • Maps-Obtain maps for your trip in advance. 
  • Lights/Clothing-Please use proper lights on bicycles front and rear and/or light colored clothing at night.
  • Safety in Numbers-It is strongly recommended that you do not hike alone.  Hiking, biking, padding or riding your horse with another person is sure to be a more enjoyable experience.
  • Dress for the environment-Temperature extremes can be experienced and you should dress in layers.  Dress appropriately for the location, time of year and planned activities.  Apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water prior to and during your outdoor activities.
  • Alcohol/Drugs-Do not use trails while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Personal Control-Ride under control at all times (know the limits of your abilities), and observe speed restrictions.
  • Call a Friend-Let someone know which trial you will be on, and when you intend to return.  Call your contact upon your return to let them know that you have safely returned.
  • Cell Phones-Be aware that cellular telephone coverage can vary from trail to trail and from community to community.
  • Trail Conditions-Be aware of trail conditions and proceed with care when conditions are poor, such as wet, snowy, icy or strong winds.
This page last updated on 4/3/2009.
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