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Trail Etiquette and Safety

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When you are on the trails it does not matter if you are biking, walking, riding your horse or paddling down the river; trails hould always be respected along with all of those who use the trails for their various purposes.  Greet people you meet along the trail, this makes sure that they know you are there and that you are polite.  A simple "Howdy" or "Nice Day" is simple and effective.


Remember.....Share the Trail......



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To Learn About How to Be Safe While on the Trails, click on the Trail Safety Icon



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There are simple things that people can do to make sure that we all can share the trail and enjoy our time in nature.  To see the Tips for all Trail Users click here!




  1. Yield to other traul user on all trails.
  2. When you stop for any reason, get off the trail. 
  3. Keep to the right of the path except when passing.
  4. Use your voice to warn others when passing.
  5. Slow down when approaching other trail users or street crossings.
  6. Ride only on open trails-respect what nature has given us by staying on the trails.
  7. Do not litter.  Do your part to keep our trails and parks clean.
  8. Motorized vehicles, unless allowed on the trail, should be parked inthe parking areas only.
  9. Respect private property.
  10. Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  11. Please leave plants and animals undisturbed.
  12. Leash and pick up after your animal.
  13. Never startle wild or domestic animals.
This page last updated on 4/3/2009.
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