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Techniques to Incorporate LID

Community incorporating LID techniques [Click here to view full size picture]
Community incorporating LID techniques

What if development and infrastructre costs could be reduced?  This can be achieved by implementing LID techniques.  LID still allows land to be developed, but in a cost-effective manner that helps mitigate potential environmental impacts. 


It is important for municipal officials and members of all communities to encourage developers during the planning stages of a development to identify opportunities to protect water and other natural resources.



  • Saving trees on the site
  • Not building on sensitive areas (wetlands and steep slopes)
  • Orienting roads and lots to allow for passive solar orientation of homes
  • Providing wildlife habitat and open spaces


There are several techniques that can be incorporated into our daily lives that conform to LID practices.  Click on each technique to learn more. 


         Permeable/Porous Pavement

 Vegetated Filter Strips


 Protection of Natural Features 

 Green Roofs

 Riparian Buffers/Forested Buffers   

Trees and Tree Boxes

 Native Plant Landscaping

Rain Barrels

 Rain Gardens       

    Constructed Wetlands

 Vegetated Swales   


 Green Parking Lots   



One of the largest components of LID involves stormwater management.  If you would like more information about stormwater management visit our website at www.swmpc.org/water.asp

 Be Stormwater Management Savvy [Click here to view full size picture]
Be Stormwater Management Savvy

This page last updated on 5/30/2018.
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