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Copper Harbor, Michigan

Reforestation is essential to the restoration of many natural habitats. Forested buffers that lie between land and water are an essential part of the ecosystem. In some parts of the country, however, they are disappearing at an alarming rate.



Reforestation programs attempt to preserve and restore forested buffers and natural forests. In areas all over the country, volunteers, community groups, and state and local conservation groups have initiated tree planting efforts.



In addition to buffer establishment and reforestation, municipalities can accomplish several tasks, including park improvement, neighborhood and highway beautification, and the planting of shade trees in parking and pedestrian areas.

A municipality should determine their priorities and identify candidate sites for reforestation accordingly. With the variety of tasks involved in tree planting efforts, everyone can help out. While some people may participate in strenuous activities like moving wheelbarrows, hauling plants, or shovelling soil, others can volunteer in less-strenuous ways.


For example, some organizations establish small nurseries to maintain a steady supply of trees. Volunteers can pot seedlings and care for them during the 2 years it takes before they are ready to transplant to a natural setting. Other participants might be responsible for contacting local businesses, residences, or nursery farms to seek financial or vegetative donations.




Be Stormwater Savvy [Click here to view full size picture]
Be Stormwater Savvy


As a local official, you can ensure that your zoning ordinance allows, or better yet, encourages LID techniques to be used in all new developments or redevelopments in your community.  If you need assistance, ask your planning and zoning staff and/or consultant. 

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