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Public Education Materials - Water Quality

This is the new table top display.  Call SWMPC to borrow it!   Click to see larger picture.   [Click here to view full size picture]
This is the new table top display. Call SWMPC to borrow it! Click to see larger picture.

Through the Public Education Program of the Phase II Stormwater Program, SWMPC has developed several fact sheets, news articles and other items that can be utilized.  Please feel free to download and reproduce these materials.  The items below can be used by anyone, but were developed by the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission to satisfy the Stormwater NPDES permit for Berrien and Cass County's communities.


SWMPC has a table top display that your municipality or organization may borrow to set up in a public place such as a city or township hall, library, community festival, etc.   Call (269) 925-1137 x1525 to reserve the display for your next function or meeting.


These resources were created with funding by the

Southwest Michigan Water Quality Partnership

To learn more about click here

SWMPC had radio ads produced and played on 97.5 FM on septic systems, rain gardens and lawn care.  You can put these ads on your website or use on a telephone waiting system.  Contact Marcy for the audio file at hamiltonm@swmpc.org.

Below are six fact sheets on what you can do to protect water quality.  If you need copies of these fact sheets, please contact Marcy at (269)925-1137 x1525.

Fact Sheet #1 - What Can You Do To Protect Water Quality?

Fact Sheet #2 - Car Washing and Water Quality

Fact Sheet #3 - Land Protection and Water Quality

Fact Sheet #4 - Lawn Care and Water Quality

Fact Sheet #5 - Recreational Vehicle Waste Disposal

Fact Sheet #6 - Septic Systems Do's and Don'ts


View a power point presentation on 7 Steps to Cleaner Water

View a power point presentation on Water in Southwest Michigan: Protecting and Improving. 


If your municipality or group would like to have someone give this presentation at an upcoming meeting, please call Marcy at (269) 925-1137 x1525.


Stormwater Management Resources

Green Infrastructure

Storm Water Management Model

Green Infrastructure Modeling Tools

Low Impact Development Manual for Michigan:  A Design Guide for Implementer's and Reviewer's


The following news articles can be reproduced in your community or organization's newsletter:

Watershed Basics

Properly Maintain your Boats and Other Recreational Vehicles

Only Rain Down the Drain

A Low Salt Diet on Your Roads and Sidewalks to Protect Water Quality 

Lawn Care for Water Quality

Septic Systems and Water Quality

Septic System Handout

What is an Illicit Discharge?

Car Washing

Pet Waste

Low Impact Development

Please Pick Up After Your Dog

Home Improvements and Water Quality

Learn the Benefits of Buffer Zones

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Need to incorporate something small into a mailing, try using our postcards as an effective means of disseminating information to citizens about protecting our area water quality:

Picking Up After Your Dog

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