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Southwest Michigan Water Partnership

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The Southwest Michigan Water Partnership is a coalition of municipalities that are working together to educate Southwest Michigan residents about protecting water quality and reducing water pollution.  To better protect water quality, greater participation is needed in Southwest Michigan.  All counties, cities, villages, townships, businesses and organizations are invited to join the Southwest Michigan Water Partnership.


What Municipalities are in the
Southwest Michigan Water Partnership? 

How can I join? Contact Marcy Hamilton at hamiltonm@swmpc.org or (269) 925-1137 x 1525  


The Berrien and Cass County NPDES-MS4 Group is comprised of the municipalities and counties that are in the MS4 program to reduce pollutants to surface waters of the State. Their permits require these municipalities to conduct public education, test stormwater outfalls for pollutants and perform pollution prevention activities.  Below you will find the Public Education Plan and the meeting agendas and minutes from this group.


Public Education Plan and Municipal Commitments

MiWaters – Water Resources Information and Forms - Create and manage Permit Applications and Service Requests


-MS4 Permitting Water Resources Division Presentation

 Municipal Storm Water Training Video is available to use.  [Click here to view full size picture]
Municipal Storm Water Training Video is available to use.

Training Videos

Remember to document all training of staff.  You can use this sign-in sheet.  


Municipal Storm Water Pollution Prevention Best Management Practices Training DVD (pictured right) is available for municipalities to borrow.  Please contact Marcy Hamilton at hamiltonm@swmpc.org or (269) 925-1137 x 1525 


“Parks Staff Keep Water Clean”

A spoof on the typical boring training video, this piece was developed for the parks and public works folks that mow lawns, rake leaves, and keep property clean. In eight short minutes, the video stresses a few basic things employees can do to keep local streams and rivers clean.


“How to Spot and Report Stormwater Pollution”

This video is a tool to train non-storm water, municipal personnel to be able to recognize and report water pollution while traveling the community to conduct municipal business.


“Various Municipal Best Management Practices (BMPs)” 

        Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training Series - Excerpts


Winter Maintenance Videos (Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, the University of Minnesota, and Fortin Consulting)


For additional water quality training videos click here

For Stormwater Training Videos click here 

Contractor Stormwater Compliance Agreement

Landscape Contractor Stormwater Compliance Agreement


 Public Education Materials on Water Quality

Through the Public Education Program of the Phase II Storm-water Program, SWMPC has developed several fact sheets, news articles and other items that can be utilized.

Berrien and Cass County NPDES-MS4 Group 

Click here for upcoming and archived meetings


Meeting Agendas and Minutes (most recent is at the top of the list)

02-22-2023 Agenda


10-12-2022 Meeting Minutes

10-12-2022 Agenda  


6-08-2022 Meeting Minutes

6-08-2022 Agenda


2-23-2022 Meeting Agenda

2-23-2022 Meeting Minutes


10-13-2021 Meeting Minutes

10-13-2021 Meeting Agenda


6-9-2021 Meeting Minutes     

6-9-2021 Meeting Agenda


2-10-2021 Meeting Minutes

2-10-2021 Meeting Agenda


10-14-2020 Meeting Minutes

10-14-2020 Meeting Agenda


2-12-2020 Meeting Minutes

2-12-2020 Meeting Agenda


9-11-2019 Meeting Minutes      

9-11-2019 Meeting Agenda


5-8-2019 Meeting Minutes              

5-8-2019 Meeting Agenda


1-9-2019 Meeting Minutes

1-9-2019 Meeting Agenda


9-12-2018 Meeting Minutes

9-12-2018 Meeting Agenda


5-9-2018 Meeting Minutes

5-9-2018 Meeting Agenda 


1-10-2018 Meeting Minutes

1-10-2018 Meeting Agenda


9-13-2017 Meeting Minutes

9-13-2017 Meeting Agenda


5-10-2017 Meeting Minutes

5-10-2017 Meeting Agenda


1-11-2017 Meeting Minutes

1-11-2017 Meeting Agenda


9-14-2016 Meeting Minutes

9-14-2016 Meeting Agenda


5-11-2016 Meeting Minutes   

5-11-2016 Meeting Agenda


1-13-2016 Meeting Minutes  

1-13-2016 Meeting Agenda


11-5-2015 Meeting Minutes  

11-5-2015 Meeting Agenda


9-8-2015 Meeting Minutes

9-8-2015 Meeting Agenda


5-13-2015 Meeting Minutes 

5-13-2015 Meeting Agenda


1-14-2015 Meeting Minutes

1-14-2015 Meeting Agenda


9-23-2014 Meeting Minutes

9-23-2014 Meeting Agenda


5-20-2014 Meeting Minutes

5-20-2014 Meeting Agenda 

This page last updated on 2/22/2023.
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