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Longmeadow Development, Niles Township, Berrien County

Longmeadow is 400 acres of rolling land divided by ponds, meadows, clusters of trees, wetlands, and horse paddocks.  The design was dictated by the land, resulting in separate areas for a variety of housing types and lot sizes.  It also resulted in the preservation of 50 acres of open space, providing opportunities for fishing, community gardens, walking trails, private roads for biking and more.  The design has taken into account the need to preserve habitat for wildlife.  This includes eliminating street lighting and maintaining animal corridors.  


Home sites range from 1/2 acre to over 2 acres and the commercial village currently has medical facilities.  The intention was to create a community village where you can live and walk to work.  The resulting senior Villas, family homes, horse farms and commercial village create an intergenerational community.  Future additions to the village include doctor offices, assisted living facilities, places to eat and other businesses that will add value to the residential development.  From virtually any window you'll find nature -just beyond the backyard deck or right outside the office window!


This page last updated on 3/28/2008.
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~Cluster uses at each site; Build on the smallest area possible

~Reduce street and/or parking imperviousness

~Vegetated filter strips/Vegetated swales

~Native vegetation plantings used for stormwater treatment and filtration

~Minimize total disturbed area-gradingRe-vegetate and re-forest disturbed areas, using native species

~Vegetated filter strips/Vegetated swales (bio-infiltration, dry, wet)

~Protect sensitive/special features

~Protect/enhance riparian areasProtect/utilize natural flow pathways in overall stormwater planning and design

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