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Lion's Park, City of Bangor, Van Buren County

The South Branch of the Black River winds through the City of Bangor.  The city owns significant frontage on the river, and undertook a restoration project to capitalize on this natural amenity.  The project was funded through a MDEQ 319 Nonpoint Source Management Grant, a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant and the City of Bangor.   


Restoration activities focused on remediating streambank erosion and reducing stormwater runoff.  Erosion and sedimentation of the river was reduced through regrading the river banks and stabilizing the bank with native plantings.  The city’s stormwater, which previously flowed directly into the Black River, is now filtered through a raingarden in Lion’s Park.  


Walking trails have been enhanced and expanded, fishing/viewing platforms were installed and a canoe/kayak launch was added.  This project will not only improve water quality conditions directly, but will also provide opportunities for public education due to its location in a city park.   


For more information about the Black River please visit: http://www.tworiverscoalition.org/brw.asp


This page last updated on 5/13/2014.
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~Protect sensitive/special value features

~Protect/enhance riparian areas

~Re-vegetate and re-forest disturbed areas, using native species

~Rain gardens/Bioretention

~Vegetated filter strips-Porous pavement

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