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Learning From Others

Southwest Michigan enjoys a wonderful quality of life based on a collective wealth of important intrinsic assets. The region is appealing to visitors who place a high value on pristine natural resources such as abundant fresh water providing a wide variety of recreational opportunities, and extensive scenic vistas of woodlots, winding rivers, and rolling farmlands offering a peaceful start to serene vacations. These farmlands also provide an extremely strong component of the local economy with an incredible array of crops and livestock producing high quality products shipped across the nation and around the world.


The partners below are promoting sound principles and utilizing sustainable strategies to bring economic growth and vitality to our region and our state. 

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Sustainable Farmer



Sustainable agriculture provides an opportunity for small farmers to make a living for themselves and their families by embracing farming practices we can all be proud of, by acting as stewards of the earth and the animals who share the planet with us.


Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) 



CEDAM promotes rebuilding neighborhoods and revitalizing communities throughout Michigan.  CEDAM is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization established in 1998. It is a voluntary association of community development corporations (CDCs), individuals, and other organizations interested in promoting and expanding community-based housing and economic development across the state of Michigan.


The Center for Michigan 



The objective of this "think-and-do tank", founded by Phil Power in early 2006, is to assist our state through its current period of wrenching economic trouble and to lay the foundation of informed hope for a better future Michigan.  Read more about Michigan's Defining Moment - a common ground agenda for Michigan's transformation.


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