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Lake Michigan Watershed

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Lake Michigan is the 3rd largest lake in surface area in the Great Lakes system.  It is also the 6th largest freshwater lake in the world.


Lake Michigan is the end point to many of our local watershed rivers such as the Black River, Paw Paw River, Galien River, Dowagiac River, Saint Joseph River and many others.


Lake Michigan contains the world’s largest collection of fresh water sand dunes along with many wetlands, prairies, and savannas, these all provide essential habitat to a great diversity of life. The aquatic food web supports fish for food, sport and culture. The fertile southern-soils are amenable to agriculture and the coast is home to 25 harbors and hundreds of marinas. The Lake Michigan coastlines also serve as a key North American migratory bird flyway.


Lake Michigan is a wonderful attribute to our region and the people.


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