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How Can I Become Involved

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Warren Dunes

Protecting our natural resources is a process that people of all ages can become involved in.  Here are 11 ways to become involved in Green Infrastructure


1. Become a Partner in the Growing Greener in Southwest Michigan Initiative

Scroll down to see how! 


2. Attend your township, city, or county meetings and ask what your municipality is doing to prepare a plan to be a part of GI.


3. Volunteer with your local watershed management group click here to find your local watershed projects.   


4. Conserve water by shutting off the faucet when brushing your teeth, take shorter showers, only water areas that need to be watered not sidewalks and driveways, use hose nozzles when washing your car and watering your plants. 


5. Use native plants in your landscaping. 


6. Reduce your use of fertilizers and pesticides around your home.   


7. Restore natural habitats in your own yard.   


8. Speak out about protecting our natural landscapes and waterways.   


9. Volunteer with a group.  Click here for group volunteering opportunities.   


10. Learn as much as you can about our environmentally sensitive areas.   


11. Educate others and direct them to www.swmpc.org/water.asp






Your commitment means that your organization, municipality or agency is willing to be a part of the process to further the idea and plans of a green infrastructure vision.  Your participation is voluntary, but it is also critical to create a successful vision, plan and implementation strategy for the Growing Greener initiative in Southwest Michigan.  


Become a partner today click to sign the Resolution of Support mail, fax or email back your Resolution of Support documents to the following: 


Marcy Hamilton

Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

376 West Main Street  Suite 130

Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Fax: (269) 925-0288


This page last updated on 5/23/2016.
Southwest Michigan Planning Commission  
376 West Main Street  Suite 130  Benton Harbor, MI 49022-3651
Phone: 269.925.1137  Fax: 269.925.0288  

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