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Galien River Watershed Management Plan

A watershed management plan was developed for the Galien River Watershed with funding from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The Galien River Watershed Project is now in the implementation phase.  The grantee for the implementation project is Chikaming Open Lands.  SWMPC is a partner in the project.


The followng documents can be downloaded.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these files.

Galien River Watershed Management Plan

Figures to the GRW Management Plan

   Figure 1          Figure 2       Figure 3          Figure 4

   Figure 5          Figure 6       Figure 7          Figure 8

   Figure 9          Figure 10      Figure 11        Figure 12

   Figure 13        Figure 14      Figure 15

The following are Appendices to the GRW Management Plan

   Appendix 1      Appendix 2    Appendix 3      Appendix 4

   Appendix 5      Appendix 6    Appendix 7      Appendix 8


To comply with EPA and MDEQ requirements, the Galien River Watershed Management Plan was updated and now includes an Addendum (6.5 MB).

This page last updated on 12/14/2010.
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