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Galien River Watershed

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The Galien River Watershed

The Galien River Watershed is located in Southwest Michigan and is approximately 82,200 acres located in Berrien County and emptying into Lake Michigan in New Buffalo. In Michigan, this watershed contains 62% rural land, 23% forest land, and 5% urban land, with the remainder being streams and lakes. The Galien River Watershed encompasses areas of prime farmland, Warren Woods Preserve, and a portion of the City of New Buffalo where the Galien River flows into Lake Michigan.


Galien River Watershed Maps


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A collection of natural resources maps relevant to the Galien River Watershed, located in Berrien County, Michigan. The maps provided are intended for assessments and planning purposes to improve environmental conditions in the watershed.





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 Septic Systems                                     Rain Gardens


Lawn Care

View Presentations from the

Galien River Watershed Workshops

 Garden Club Presentation on the Galien River Watershed Nov 19th

Low Impact Development Workshop helded on March 1st

Landscaping and Gardening Workshop helded on March 3rd 

   Natural Areas Mapping Workshop

Galien Watershed (TMDL)

Galien River Watershed Water Pollutants

Galien River Watershed Ecosystems

Septic System Maintenance (Berrien County Health Dept.)

Nitrate Water Testing


Press about the Watershed


August 2011-Galien Watershed protection is the focus of public mapping workshop.

Harbor Country News


Learn More about the Galien River Watershed

Download the Galien River Watershed Fact Sheet


Results of the Galien River Watershed Survey SIDMA Pilot Project


Build Out and Stormwater BMP Analysis for the Galien River Watershed

If you are interested in learning more about this analysis and how it can be used in your community's land use planning and zoning efforts to better protect water quality, please contact Marcy Hamilton at the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission (hamiltonm@swmpc.org or 269-925-1137 x 1525)


What Can You Do?

One way that people can help keep our waters clean is to have a properly working and maintained septic system.  Use water efficiently this includes, using efficient dishwashers and washers and using then when they are full, maintain your plumbing to eliminate leaks, taking shorter showers.  Don't flush or pour hazardous chemicals down the drain, or use your septic system as a trash can.  

For more information check out the local Berrien County Heath Department  or Public Education Materials on water quality.


Septic Information 

Click here for more information on septic systems.


NPS Analysis - A nonpoint source pollution analysis was conducted for the Galien River Watershed and was presented to the Steering Committee.  The presentation can be viewed here:  

Galien River Biosurvey 2007

Galien River Watershed Fact Sheet


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality TMDL Report (Galien River)


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality TMDL Report (Deer Creek)







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