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Green Parking Lots

Green parking lot using geoblock porous pavement system [Click to open page http://static.flickr.com/69/173638306_9b177fccae_o.jpg in a new window
Green parking lot using geoblock porous pavement system

Green parking refers to several techniques applied together to reduce the contribution of parking lots to the total impervious cover in a lot. Green parking lot techniques include setting maximums for the number of parking lots created, minimizing the dimensions of parking lot spaces, utilizing alternative pavers in overflow parking areas, using bioretention areas to treat stormwater, encouraging shared parking and providing economic incentives for structured parking.  


From a stormwater perspective, application of green parking techniques in the right combination can dramatically reduce impervious cover and consequently, the amount of stormwater runoff.


This picture uses a geo block that allows grass to grow without damaging it.  This type of block allows water to soak through the grass and filter out pollutants that are caused by cars.  Heat generated from paved lots could be reduced keeping urban areas cooler, thus lowering urban island heat.




  • Less heat generated form paved lot
  • Reduce urban heat island effect
  • Allows for absorption of water back into the ground for recharge
  • Polluted water not going into our area lakes and rivers





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