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Environmental Justice

Transportation Planning

As the agency responsible for coordinating the transportation planning process, the MPO must make sure that all segments of the population have been included in the planning process.  The impact of proposed transportation investments on under served and under represented population groups must be part of the evaluation process.

Environmental Justice Maps for the MPO Planning Areas

African American Population African American Population
Hispanic Population Hispanic Population
American Indian Population American Indian Population
Total Minority Population Total Minority Population
Low Income Population Low Income Population

Environmental justice requires the MPO to:

  • Examine the allocation of benefits and burdens, currently and in the planned future
  • Ensure that minority and low-income communities are treated equitably in the provision of transportation services and projects
  • Provide full participation for minority and low-income communities to advise the MPO during its planning and decision-making process
This page last updated on 9/26/2014.
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