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Dowagiac Industrial Park, City of Dowagiac, Cass County

The Dowagiac Industrial park borders the Peavine Creek/Drain, which is a coldwater tributary connected to the Dowagiac River. 


With industrial development comes impervious surfaces and additional runoff (potentially polluted) running directly into the Creek.  However, in this case, the City designed an innovative stormwater system that preserved the existing wetlands on site and utilized an infiltration basin leading to a created wetland to retain and treat polluted stormwater runoff.   


Only during extremely large storm events will there be a surface discharge into the Creek.  Otherwise, the stormwater will be cleansed and allowed to recharge the groundwater supplies.  Once the water infiltrates into the groundwater it will recharge the creek as it did before the development took place.  In effect, the stormwater system will help to maintain the high quality coldwater status of the creek.


This page last updated on 3/28/2008.



~Protect sensitive/special features

~Protect/enhance riparian areas

~Protect/utilize natural flow pathways in overall stormwater planning and design

~Constructed wetlands

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