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County Parks and Trail Links in Southwest Michigan

Southwest Michigan County Parks and Trails are a great way to interact with nature close to home.  Parks and trails allow all people to enjoy nature in their own way.  County parks and trails allow for exploration, connection to nature and can enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.  The seven-county park sites and trails allow you to pick the area in Southwest Michigan that you want to explore.




Berrien County Parks

Berrien County Trails


Branch County Parks

Branch County Trails

  • Riverbend Park
  • Angel Cove Park
  • Quincy Marble Lake
  • Gilead Lake Park


Calhoun County Parks

Calhoun County Trails


Cass County Parks

Cass County Trails


Kalamazoo County Parks

Kalamazoo County Trails


St. Joseph County Parks

St. Joseph County Trails


Van Buren County Parks

Van Buren County Trails

This page last updated on 3/2/2018.
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