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Linear greenspaces including trails and greenways have all the traditional conservation benefits of preserving greenspace, but also have additional benefits by ways of linear nature.  As tools for ecology and conservation, greenways and trails help preserve important natural landscapes, provide needed links between fragmented habitats and offer tremendous opportunities for protecting plants and animal species.  They can also be useful tools for wetland preservation and improvement of air and water quality.  In addition, they can allow humans to expericne nature wth minimal environmental impact.


Trials and greenways can play an important role in improving water quality and mitigating flood damage.  Greenways preserve critical open space that provides natural buffer zones to protect streams, river and lakes from pollution run-off caused by fertilizer and pesticide use on yards and farms. 


They can also serve as flood plains that absorb excess water and mitigate damage caused by floods.  Such conservation efforts make good sense, becasue they save communities money in the long run.


Greenways protect important habitat and provide corridors for people and wildlife.  They also help improve air and water quality.  For example, communities with trails provide enjoyable and safe option for transportation, which reduces air pollution.  By protecting land along rivers and streams, greenways and trails prevent soil erosion and filter pollution caused by agricultural, residential and road runoff.


Finally, trails and greenways are hands-on environmental classrooms.  People of all ages can see for themselves the precious and intriguing natural world from which they often feel so far removed.

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