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Van Buren County Asset Management Report

Click to open page http://mcgiweb6.mcgi.state.mi.us/mitrp/Data/paserMap.aspx in a new window

NEW! PASER Rating Maps

Click here to view maps of road rating data from the Transportation Asset Management Council.  The maps are searchable by community, region, and year. 

(To view the website your computer must be running the most current Java script version).



Comprehensive Reports - Van Buren County Road Ratings


Van Buren County Asset Management 2017 Annual Report (Covering Years 2003-2017)




Van Buren County Road Rating History Report 2003-2015 (pdf)

Van Buren County Road Rating History Report 2003-2015 (Excel table)


Information is in tabular form and there is data from 2003-2015.  These are VERY long documents (around 600 pages each) and may be hard to download if you have a dial-up internet connection.  Contact Transportation Planner Brandon Kovnat at (269)925-1137 ext 1524 with questions.


NFC mapNational Functional Classification

Click here to view the maps from MDOT's website of the national function class (NFC) of roads, as well as the Census urbanized area boundaries.

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