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NATS 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan

nats_2050_lrp_final_cover.pngMaking Connections, the NATS 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan presents a comprehensive vision and strategic approach to tackle the region's transportation needs for the next two decades. Building upon the previous long-range transportation plan, this updated version of Making Connections aims to uphold an efficient transportation system, foster a robust regional economy, and elevate our overall quality of life. With a renewed focus on preserving existing infrastructure, the Making Connections 2050 update reaffirms the importance of sustaining our transportation network while safeguarding the environment and the residents' current quality of life.


SWMPC invites the public to review NATS Making Connections-2050 Long Range Transportation Plan and to provide comments and feedback at this link.  Comments may also be submitted by email to Brandon Kovnat, Transportation Planner, at kovnatb@swmpc.org.   

This page last updated on 7/10/2023.
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