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Goal 3 for SMART

Goal 3 - Secure resources to sustain success


Develop a planned regional trailway system that connects people with other people, nature, water, history, culture and art.

  • - Identify key funding sources and ideas (art, history, health, recreation, transportation, education, tourism, open space preservation, river, etc.). (HIGH)
  • - Establish long term funding strategies for expansion and maintenance of trailway network. (MED)
  • - Evaluate the need for a coordinator/staff person for SMART. (MED)


Develop a budget (HIGH)

  • -Identify partners (with 501c(3) status) to coordinate with to apply for grants. (MED)
  • -Evaluate the progress, success, need and future role of the coalition  

       *Develop indicator of success to evaluate progress. (HIGH)

       *Document and publicize successes. (HIGH)

       *Determine the "will of the coalition" for continuing existence.  (LOW)        

        *Determine sunset clause. (LOW)   


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