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Goal 2 for SMART

Goal 2 - Link existing and future trailways into a complete network which connects the southwest Michigan region with neighboring networks


Develop a planned regional trailway system that connects people with other people, nature, water, history, culture and art.

  • - Update existing trail map. (HIGH)
  • - Map potential trails and gaps in network (include on road connections). (HIGH)
  • - Identify and map green infrastructure, historical and cultural features, environmentally sensitive areas and large traffic generators (including, but not limited to, open space, scenic views, parks, preserves, river corridors, abandoned railroads, utility corridors, large employers, museums, historic structures, population centers, tourist destinations, etc). (MED)
  • - Inventory and summarize current trailway developments and promotional efforts in the 9 county region. (HIGH)
  • - Identify and assist sub-regions where trailway development and planning is proceeding. (MED)
  • - Identify and assist sub-regions where trailway development and planning is progressing slowly or not occurring. (MED)

Encourage trailways to be safe for all users

  • - Promote consistent engineering and design standards for trailways (ensure ADA requirements are met). (LOW)
  • - Promote education and safety (e.g. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). (LOW)
  • - Serve as a clearinghouse for information on design standards and safety. (MED)



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